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Cellular Reception

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If you are considering High speed internet via cellular you may need to consider boosting reception at your location.Boosting reception can be as difficult, more difficult, or less difficult for you depending on your location as compared to WIFI access (Espacenet).

There are two cell towers that seem to provide coverage in our area. One toward town (South-West) and one North near Esterel (I'll get a better fix on it next time I'm up). I had better signal and speed form the North tower.

You can bu a wide range of outdoor directional antennas that will VASTLY improve signal to one or several devices if, like many, you suffer from poor reception. I have had excellent speeds and perfect voice reception to date with the amplified system. This may be overkill for many, it all depends and this is a fact of life for the time being. Fortunately, Cellular reception does NOT REQUIRE LINE OF SIGHT. This means that it is generally far easier to catch a cellular signal than, for example, a wireless (wifi) signal.

MG electronique in Sainte Antoine carries all types of antenna systems and they have a friendly return policy so you can test and return as you get the reception you need.

Some outdoor antennas plug directly into the device you want better signal for (Rocket Hub) and some more expensive and sophisticated setups can amplify and repeat the signal for you indoors, giving signal to a RocketHub and/or any cellphones in range, regardless of whether they can accept an antenna (not many phones can). Where I had almost no signal before the system gave me full strength signal, comparable to being very close to the tower.

I have tested the latter system, a top-end version which retails for $800 with cabling etc. the antenna is small, 3 feet long and a foot high. There can be a small amplifier which needs to be installed about 25-30 feet form the outdoor antenna, and then an indoor antenna to provide coverage.

Smaller antennas are available for under $100. Cabling varies on distances and quality.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 01 February 2011 19:13